1. d3s5

    Melleri Test Results

    I found a new vet that not only has experience with chameleons, but also has had some experience with Melleri. I had their 3 fecals tested and Medjumbe came back positive for pinworms. Because they free range together, Mocuba and Medjumbe are both being treated with Panacur. He prescribed a...
  2. GabeCastro

    Please read - my recent vet vist

    I'd just like to share my expierence with my first chameleon... Jasper looks 100% healthy, but my recent vet trip tells me otherwise. His exam went really well and i was told i was doing an excellent job on his enclosure. Also Jasper looks really healthy. No URI, Mouth rot, skin fungus...
  3. sandrachameleon

    pinworm - help!

    I used to get roughly annual fecals done on most of my chameleons. Never anything showed up. So this time I waited a little longer, about 20 months. and of course Murphy's law, this time ONE of the several tested apparently has pinworm eggs. I believe the vet said 8 under only 10x...
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