1. Enochlg

    Pregnancy scare -or- My horny lil girl *W/ HD PICTURES!*

    So a few days ago I posted here: In reference to Nexxus, my 6 1/2mo old female blue bar ambilobe being gravid (with infertile eggs) and not wanting to lay. The advice i was given is that while she does look to...
  2. ApolloT

    New pic of Burnside.

    My little guy is gretting big. I just put a superworm on my hand and he ate it of my hand.:D
  3. Leonardo

    Getting that red around his face.

    My cham is about 4.5 months now, he is a panther morph. Here is his set up I built. He has the longest tail, I'm sure its average, it just seems so long.
  4. chameleonneeds

    My pic of Duke.. what you think.

    I got my pics up, finally! Heres my male for a start.Duke the one that was in so much distress.
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