1. BackwaterReptiles

    Cameroon bounty...

    By now many of you have heard about the Cameroon shipment that came in legally within the last few days--the first in a long time. I was able to procure 30 quads, 20 montium, 14 cristatus, and 20 pfefferi. Some of the quads are red claws. Pretty good mix of juveniles and adults. Some are in...
  2. Monties1982

    My whole gang (lots of pics)

    I got pics of all my chameleons today. It's the first time I've taken pictures of all of them at the same time. Here's Trixie, my female montium And her baby My Pfeffer's, Pfritzi And the male, Pepe My Quad, Qadir, striking a pose My other male...
  3. Monties1982

    My Pfeffer's came today with a surprise!

    I got a pair of Pfeffer's from Underground Reptiles in the mail today and got a pleasant surprise. When I opened the bag the female was in, it sounded like there was something rolling around, and after I took her out, I looked in the bag and saw there were 7 eggs in the bottom :D. I guess the...
  4. Monties1982

    Pics of my little ones

    I have new pics of my young chameleons. First, here's Pfred. And here is my little montium who surprised me and started growing horns meaning he's male and not female like I originally thought :p. I still haven't decided on a new name. Here he is right after being misted...
  5. Monties1982

    My Pfeffer's, Pfred, is here!

    My new Pfeffer's chameleon got here today. His name's Pfred ;). Here are some pics I got of him. First, here's his cage Here he is on my hand This one I took through the screen, but it still turned out pretty good And this is the best one I got of him in his new home I...
  6. Monties1982

    New addition coming soon :D

    I'm going to be getting a Pfeffer's chameleon next week. I'm so excited :D. The best part is he's CB. I'm naming him Pfred ;). Here are some pics of the little guy. Uploaded with
  7. Pfefferi Sunning

    Pfefferi Sunning

  8. Pfefferis Wife

    Pfefferis Wife

  9. Pfefferi Sunning

    Pfefferi Sunning

  10. Male Trioceros Pfefferi

    Male Trioceros Pfefferi

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