1. My favorite flavor of popsicle (May 2016)

    My favorite flavor of popsicle (May 2016)

  2. Loving the blue (May 2016)

    Loving the blue (May 2016)

  3. gollum

    parsonii drawing

    just did a coloured pencil drawing of a parsons, thought i'd share, i havent drawn for years, so i thought i'd start with something worth doing! :) any comments will be welcome.
  4. Dean Pulcini

    Parsons, Wild Thang

    youtube video of a mid-afternoon snack... Enjoy.
  5. Gantu


    Orange Eye Parson's
  6. Leopold My Male Parsonii

    Leopold My Male Parsonii

  7. Padre The Parsonii

    Padre The Parsonii

    Pardon the food on my mouth. I've been eating.
  8. Kimbo


  9. Parsons Man, Parsons Man

    Parsons Man, Parsons Man

    My male Parsons, prowling the area.
  10. Blue Face

    Blue Face

    My favorite time of the day, is getting home before the sun go's down. Parsonii seem to be on the hunt right before last hours of sunlight. This is picture of a male scanning foliage for insects during this time of day.
  11. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  12. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  13. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  14. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  15. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

  16. C. Parsonii

    C. Parsonii

  17. C. Parsonii

    C. Parsonii

  18. C. parsonii

    C. parsonii

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