parsonii drawing

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by gollum, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. gollum

    gollum New Member

    just did a coloured pencil drawing of a parsons, thought i'd share, i havent drawn for years, so i thought i'd start with something worth doing! :) any comments will be welcome.
  2. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member


    Very nice job! I recognize the photo I think :) I think its based off one of my photos that is in Necas' second edition (also happens to be my avatar), am I right? Looks really good!

  3. toddmkeller

    toddmkeller Member

    :eek: that is amazing... Thank you for sharing

    See Ya,

  4. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    :eek: WOW! That's amazing! I tried to draw Lily by copying a photo, but the kids took one look and laughed!! It did look kind of freaky though! Looks like you haven't lost your touch if you can produce such amazing drawings after a few years! That one deserves to be framed and put on show. :D
  5. gollum

    gollum New Member

    thanks for the nice comments, didn't expect such a quick(and good) reply! cheers.

    and you are indeed right chris, it is from the 'good book' as i call hope you dont mind my somewhat blatant reproduction:eek: lol just gotta love those parsons, and what better place to look.:)
  6. Rocky

    Rocky Established Member

    that is a very nice drawing, good job
  7. SpikeTheVeiled

    SpikeTheVeiled New Member

    :eek:Absoloutly amazing,:eek::eek::eek::eek:
    as said before you should frame it and put it up so everyone can see:D
  8. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    Man that's very good! Wish I could freehand draw
  9. Jellyman

    Jellyman New Member

    If I sent you a picture of my cham would you do a drawing of him. I'll pay you!!
  10. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member

    Not at all, it looks great. how large is it? You really nailed it.

  11. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member

    Here is what the original photo looks like for those interested in seeing the comparison:


    Its a male Calumma parsonii cristifer.

  12. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Beautiful parsonii and beautiful drawing!
  13. itsaPink

    itsaPink New Member

    what an amazing drawing!! i wish i was that talented. :rolleyes: hmmmm maybe an idea for march's contest, no pictures, but your own paintings and drawings!!
  14. OntarioLizardman

    OntarioLizardman New Member

    wow! thats amazing!
  15. nick barta

    nick barta Chameleon Enthusiast
    Site Sponsor

    I can finally own a Parson's!!!:D
  16. gollum

    gollum New Member

    absolutely! anytime, :)
  17. gollum

    gollum New Member

    thanks alot, im appreciating all these good comments.:) its A4 size(8"x12") was started as a quick sketch to get me back into my art, didn't end like that tho, good times!
  18. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Beautiful work!!!!!!
  19. Chamgirl

    Chamgirl New Member

    Without doubt you could sell your drawings if you do more like that:eek:
  20. beeze

    beeze Avid Member

    Very nice drawing!!!!!

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