parsonii drawing


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just did a coloured pencil drawing of a parsons, thought i'd share, i havent drawn for years, so i thought i'd start with something worth doing! :) any comments will be welcome.

Chris Anderson

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Very nice job! I recognize the photo I think :) I think its based off one of my photos that is in Necas' second edition (also happens to be my avatar), am I right? Looks really good!

:eek: WOW! That's amazing! I tried to draw Lily by copying a photo, but the kids took one look and laughed!! It did look kind of freaky though! Looks like you haven't lost your touch if you can produce such amazing drawings after a few years! That one deserves to be framed and put on show. :D


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thanks for the nice comments, didn't expect such a quick(and good) reply! cheers.

and you are indeed right chris, it is from the 'good book' as i call hope you dont mind my somewhat blatant reproduction:eek: lol just gotta love those parsons, and what better place to look.:)
what an amazing drawing!! i wish i was that talented. :rolleyes: hmmmm maybe an idea for march's contest, no pictures, but your own paintings and drawings!!
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