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  4. MarieMc44

    Question on bars, and not the drinking establishment kinds

    Question on bars, and not the drinking establishment kind Hello my Chameleon Loving friends!! My Panther chameleon is 4 (soon to be 5) months old. Can someone tell me what color bars he will have... or is it too early to tell? The anticipation is killing me and I'm not good with surprises...
  5. A

    Cage Change Chams Colors not as vibrant =(

    Since my cage change to a screen casge I havent seen my Chameleon really show me any colors... other than when hes sleeeping could it be possible hes too cold... He shows off Green and an auburn brownish stripes... Any suggestions Im using a 100 watt light for a heat source
  6. A

    Amazing Panther Chameleon color Pics

    I went on vacation and had to leave him with a chameleon expert i came back to some amazing color displays
  7. Screameleons

    Video on how a panther chameleon develops his first colors.

    We produced a video showing new owners how a panther chameleon develops their first colors. For anybody that has ever been confused about how a panther turns from brown to super colorful, this video should help. Vincent at Screameleons
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