1. AngieL

    Sunshine and scales :)

    It was a glorious day in Shetland today, which is surprising! So we decided to take Teal'c outside and make the most of it. We managed to stay out for a whopping 4 hours and only came in when the wind piicked up, John got a few good shots while I was getting sunburned! She was...
  2. Seeco

    Pretty girl Kinyongia multituberculata

    Just sharing some pics of this female for the first time. She is not very bright but her patterns are really solid. Her feet are getting nice and blue.
  3. Olimpia

    Othello, my little Jackson's

    Amazingly, today I wake up at 10am and instead of it being 95* already it's hoveing in the mid 70's. So I decided to take Othello out to chill with me on the balcony and I took some photos. Unfortunately they don't do his colors justice, because he actually has a really pretty turquoise head...
  4. poker01619

    I'm not a bad Panther owner am I?

    Ok here's the story, a couple days ago I replied to a classified ad. In this reply I stated that I take my Chameleon with me to the swapmeet. Some others replied to me that they thought I was crazy. They made me fell bad. I wouldn't do it if my cham was stressed over it in any way. It's an...
  5. A Fine Fall Day

    A Fine Fall Day

    Panther Chameleon Early Fall, 2013
  6. Camille Aka Ex-leon

    Camille Aka Ex-leon

    "I just want to see the baseball game!"
  7. outdoor setup

    outdoor setup

    homemade outdoor cage for sunning
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