nosy mitsio panther

  1. Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    This is from the first day I introduced him into his habitat.
  2. J

    Nosy Mitsio -- Mysterrio -- new sleeping Pic

    Mysterio was looking particularly yellow last night:
  3. slang1

    Chiquita fired up

    Showed Chiquita on of the girls today, and he dressed up nicely for the occasion.
  4. Captive Creations

    Getting a new chameleon!!

    Steve and I are awaiting the arrival of our new Nosy Mitsio Panther Chameleon. We put a 200 deposit on him the day he arrived at our local pet shop. and on Friday we are going to pick him up. so the last week we have been getting everything that we need for him and trying to learn as much about...
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