1. katgraver

    sir george and his home

    I hadnt posted in a while so wanted to update...sir george is doing great ,he shed again...we got through eye challenges and he us digging his habitat... enjoy ! and thxs for all the advice along...
  2. Pap

    Meet My New Homie Dexter.!

    Hows it going everybody.. I'm new to the forum and I would like to introduce you all to my new homie Dexter.. (named after the showtime serial killer) He is a Red Barred Ambilobe Panther. I got him right after christmas on Dec 28. I believe he was about 4-5 months old when i got him... I have...
  3. V

    We need a little more starting info

    Hey everyone, We're brand new to this forum, and brand new to chameleons. We brought home our little gaffer- a male veiled, just 8 weeks old- just yesterday afternoon. We've done our homework, I think, but I've got a few questions I need some specifics on. My wife and I are determined to do...
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