need help

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    It’s been about 30 days since his last shed but today i noticed these spots on him. They kind of look like warts to me but i’m not exactly sure.
  2. ReptiGeek

    Lump above right back leg, help

    Hey y'all, Don't bring happy news =/ I've noticed a protrusion has formed on the back right "hip" of my male veiled chameleon. He is 8 months old and has otherwise been in really good health. He shows no signs of MBD and has a proper supplementation schedule (Cal 5x/week; Multivite + Cal w/d3...
  3. K

    Will this be ok?

    I have a 20 gallon long glass aquarium I was going to house a snake in. It has a heating pad and I have a uv strip light on top. The whole snake thing fell through (the breeder hasn't contacted me in forever) and I was thinking about maybe getting a male veiled chameleon, because I heard the...
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