1. Straight Up Veiled

    Straight Up Veiled

    Female Veiled with very long nails.
  2. Skyebound

    nail issue?

    As aI went to say night to Verde I noticed a clot next to one of his back claws. The nail is still there and he is not actively bleeding I am wondering if I need to do anything special other than keep an eye on it? I am attaching 2 pics...he was not happy so I couldn't get any really good pics...
  3. donnak0125

    Continued nail injury problems...

    My male cham has a strong grip, and at times while he's been climbing on the screened in his cage he's hung a nail or two & then pulled it/them out/injuring it/them to the point they wouldn't grow back. He's missing all three nails on one side of one back-foot and just now lost another nail on...
  4. pssh

    Pet store?

    So went into this mom and pop pet store that I normally go to because its the only one I deem worthy of getting my money. They usually breed the reptiles they sell. They actually take care of their chameleons well and the chameleons are nice and healthy looking with white urates and UVB...
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