nail issue?

As aI went to say night to Verde I noticed a clot next to one of his back claws. The nail is still there and he is not actively bleeding I am wondering if I need to do anything special other than keep an eye on it? I am attaching 2 pics...he was not happy so I couldn't get any really good pics. The second looks a lot worse than it looks in person. Any thoughts?


put some neosporin on it.

i have a panther that lost a nail.

keep an eye on it, make sure it doesnt get infected.

DONT rip it off.

and i would add more vines, plants, etc, since i bet he did it on the screen.
Thanks camimom, I was thinking the same think about the screen. I am glad to hear I am doing the right thing. I will put neosporin on it in the am when he gets up. I have been searching for new things to add for him to climb on especially now that he is getting bigger.

On another note I did notice it is not affecting his grip.
How do you hold your dowels in place? I have used a combo of tacks and hot glue on the outside of the cage.

I've also been looking for a way to hang the pothos plant I have in his home already. Thanks to other's pics I have a great idea how to do it.
thumbtacks seems to work.

stick it through the end of the dowel rod from the outside.

my gusy arent heavy enough to need anything else.

and as for hanging plants, i have custom cages, so i built a support bar on the top i can tie plants to.

Verde is doing well, but he did lose the nail. I have been putting neosporin on his toe and watching it closely. All looks good and he is not as mad when I go to treat his foot. No swelling, no new bleeding.
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