1. johncjb

    Some Questions About My Rudis Chameleon Enclosure

    I am about to get 2-3 Rudis Chameleons and I have some questions: :D Is it alright to keep 2 - 3 of these little guys in one 2'x2'x4' screen cage? According to the New Chameleon Handbook they can be kept together, but according to some (random online) sources they can't. Is it alright if...
  2. mary prefontaine

    Has any one ever used live moss as a base/flooring for their cham cage?

    I'm In the process of having a custom wood and screen cage built and sent here in about 6 weeks, (where by the way, I will be looking for either one nice young colorful male or a unrelated young and handsome pair of panthers to buy!!) Anyhow I was wondering about how to make this nice cage...
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