1. MeruJack

    Do full grown adults continue to shed?

    Do adult chameleons stop shedding once they're full grown as long as they maintain their weight and do not become chubby? The reason I am asking is that I have a female Meru Jackson's who hasn't shed for awhile who is in full shed today. She really doesn't eat much however she gave birth 2...
  2. MeruJack

    Butterfly Enclosure for Tiny Dwarf Jackson's Babies

    I have five 6 week old Mt. Meru Dwarf Babies sharing a small Reptibreeze enclosure. They are very tiny and I am thinking that they may grow faster if I put them in separate enclosures. I bought five 12" x 10" mesh butterfly enclosures thinking I would put a small live plant and a few fake vines...
  3. J

    Breeding mt Meru Jackson's. help please

    I have successfully breed a few different species of chameleon but I can not get my male to take a interest in any of my 3 females! Things I've tried: I have put him with all 3. I have waited until the weather has got hotter and allowed them to live outside. I've tried long showers. I keep...
  4. LLLReptile

    Male Dwarf Jackson's Chameleons

    Trioceros jacksonii merumontanus $89.99 each - males only Click here to check them out and order! -Jen
  5. Kinyongia Tenue

    Kinyongia Tenue

  6. Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

  7. Kinyongia Oxyrhina

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina

  8. Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

    Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

  9. male jacksonii merumontanus

    male jacksonii merumontanus

    male jacksonii merumontanus
  10. Female jacksonii merumontanus

    Female jacksonii merumontanus

    Female jacksonii merumontanus
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