male chameleon

  1. Haaaaaaaayyy guuuurrrll

    Haaaaaaaayyy guuuurrrll

    Dexter on a hibiscus
  2. slowly getting away

    slowly getting away

  3. what'd you call me?

    what'd you call me?

  4. JordanD

    How old does My Ambilobe Male look

    Hello, I was told by the pet shop He was any were from 6mo-12mo but He is bigger than I expected (He's My first Chameleon) what would You say estimation wise? is He full grown/Finished colouring? :confused: Here He is...
  5. Luvsallcreatures

    Male Veiled Chameleon - MBD ?

    I just purchased a male Veiled Cham from a young gentleman that just purchased him from the local reptile show this past weekend.............. I brought him home and noticed he could barely stand. I put 40 dusted super worms in a dish and he sticks his tongue out above the worms and misses...
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