1. waynederby

    Beautiful Photo of Yoshi eating

    Can be seen at:
  2. B

    is this Grass Hopper edible?

    i just found a grass hopper in my garden here are some pictures. Are they ok for my 4 month old panther chameleon to eat?
  3. B

    Will locusts hurt my chameleon?

    I have heard crickets will attack my chameleon in its sleep so so far i have chosen to feed them outside the cage and not put them in just incase a few hide and started hurting by baby nosy ankarea in the middle of the night. I have heard though that locusts will not do this is this true? If not...
  4. B

    How many times a day should I feed my baby panther?

    Hi I just got my baby nosy ankarea chameleon and was wandering how many times a day to feed him he is eating 3rd crickets and I am picking up locusts at the store tomorrow right now he eats one in the morning, around five in the afternoon and one about two hours before lights out. Should I only...
  5. B

    How to you feed food?

    What is the best way to feed crickets and locusts etc. I have seen people cut out milk cartons and put mesh in it and have heard something about free range can someone please explain these to me and tell me which one is the best.
  6. Locust


    chompin down a locust
  7. Lily's Lunch

    Lily's Lunch

    Female Veiled eating a locust.
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