1. jcarlsen

    Doodle from my Girlfriend

    So, one thing I should mention is that both my girlfriend and I are animators, so we have fun doodling things. She's been very amused with how Jasper walks, trying to imitate the leaves, so she made this:
  2. jcarlsen

    Sap on Ficus leaves ok?

    Hey guys, so I got my first panther this week, and while I'm not ready to work him up to this yet, I've got a nice spot by my computer with a ficus tree and a window that opens up to let direct sunlight shine in on it in the mornings. I'm hoping to let the little dude out and have him get...
  3. OptimusCham

    Locusts are eating my plants!

    This may have already been asked & answered but I don't have time to search for an answer, sorry. I've recently put some live plants into my cham's enclosure & with all the locusts in there, they've suffered majorly! What I'd like to know is which plants are save for chams but locusts/crickets...
  4. OfficialChameleon

    Funny - Tropical Hibiscus Trimming

    Hey Guys! So I made this new oak enclosure for my veiled cham, and the plant in it is a tropical hibiscus, I chose this plant because it is safe for chams to eat, I've seen him eat a few leaves.. But when I looked in his enclosure and saw that most of the soft, green stems were all gone and...
  5. Twiggy


    My babeh
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