1. Lunirra

    How Long to Leave Female Veiled in Laying Bin?

    I am not breeding my female Veiled. She is about 7 months old now and I have noticed her pacing in the enclosure, whether it be at the top or bottom, she does it almost every day for the past 4 or 5 days now. She went off food but is still drinking as she is not dehydrated. Resembling the...
  2. CNorton

    K Matschiei Female Lays!

    K Matschiei = Matschie's Two-horned Chameleo = East Usambara Two-horned Chameleon = Monkey-tailed Fischer's Chameleon = Giant Fischer's Chameleon I got Bella from a petstore down in San Diego. Yes, the one Kent visits from time to time! The shipment of Giant Fischer's that came in June '09...
  3. chameleonneeds

    She`s gravid.

    Hey, My female Veiled IS gravid with infertile eggs because she rejected the male and has bulges by her back legs I put her in a egglaying chamber today with sand, vermiculite and potting soil, and it is compresed there is a branch in it with a fake plant, does this sound right? I put her in...
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