1. Carpet Hysterics

    Carpet Hysterics

    Young male Furcifer Lateralis displaying his displeasure in receiving a hornworm for lunch.
  2. gegeland

    Carpet Chameleon Pictures

    My little Green Bean is growing up and showing some real nice colors these days. Here are a few pictures to show. Hopefully will be getting a male soon... Just have to convince the parents. Haha. Let me know what ya think of her! And sorry for not being the best camera man, i am learning...
  3. gegeland

    Carpet Weights

    Hey, This question is for anyone that keeps/has kept carpet chameleons (Furcifer Lateralis) or for anyone that knows of an article that has some good info. What is a good/average adult weight for a male? Also for a Female? The search tool gave me no results. Thanks.
  4. Receptive Female Furcifer Lateralis

    Receptive Female Furcifer Lateralis

  5. Carpet Boy!

    Carpet Boy!

    WC male carpet cham
  6. Quinn And Farah

    Quinn And Farah

    Chamaeleo lateralis, Quinn (gravid) on left, Farah on right
  7. Do My Eyes Look Big In This?

    Do My Eyes Look Big In This?

    Baby Carpet chameleon
  8. Not Today, Go Away!

    Not Today, Go Away!

    furcifer lateralis female threatening male while being gravid
  9. Jango Getting Some Sun

    Jango Getting Some Sun

    My carpet Jango loving his outside time.
  10. Spy Girl

    Spy Girl

    Female Lat. peeking
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