1. ReptiGeek

    Lump above right back leg, help

    Hey y'all, Don't bring happy news =/ I've noticed a protrusion has formed on the back right "hip" of my male veiled chameleon. He is 8 months old and has otherwise been in really good health. He shows no signs of MBD and has a proper supplementation schedule (Cal 5x/week; Multivite + Cal w/d3...
  2. B

    Chameleon emergency

    Hello, I went to go check on Tava, my ~15 month old female veiled chameleon tonight, since she was showing signs of being gravid and has been in and out of the egg bin. Well, I checked on her, and found some VERY alarming things. I suspect she may have fallen. Possible, she fell, tried to...
  3. farrahsc

    I'm a horrible Cham mommy :(

    I've really debated on posting this but my hope is maybe one day it will help someone else. My WC Senegal juvenile that hasn't been acclimating very well had a major accident night before last. He has only eaten 6 crickets in the 2 weeks he has been with me and even with misting 4 times a...
  4. J

    Pygmy cham unknown injury

    I posted a thread a few weeks ago talking about her (is she def a girl?) injury and people didnt seems to know what it was. Its still there so thought i would get some pics up to see if anyone can help. The back left leg is able to move but has no grip. Origanaly both legs were black...
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