1. L

    help!!please give me some info, and advise..

    my female panther is a little over 2 years old, she was mated with my 8 month old ambanja, a while back , since then she laid her first clutch of eggs(as she has never laid any eggs prior) anyhow those eggs were laid 6 weeks after mating, and i assumed they were fertile, until i learned that...
  2. thealissa

    Will she lay?

    One of my two veiled female chameleons has a clutch of infertile eggs. She is approx. 7.5 months old. It was about two days ago that I noticed the weirdness. She stopped eating, and her eyes began to sink in. Thinking it wasn't because she had eggs (I keep both the girls' temps in the low...
  3. Debmonster

    Need pics of infertile eggs???

    I searched both the forum and the web for a pic of infertile cham eggs. My female just laid 34 eggs and according to the store I get her from she's never been with a male. By the time I got my males she wanted nothing to do with them (unless they snuck out of their cages in the heat of the...
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