1. Ninkylou

    First Hornworm Chrysalis opened

    So I had a chrysalis open at some time today, the moth looks healthy enough other than its deformed wings.... Hopefully the others will be okay. I have tried really hard to keep them moist. Very cute though!!
  2. AESara

    Napoleon vs. his first hornworm

    I realized I haven't really taken video of Napoleon before, so when my first-ever order of hornworms came in this morning, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity! He really over-thinks this hunt, so there's a lot of nothing before the "action". :p There was one really big worm in the...
  3. SoCaliSon

    Raising Hornworms

    I am getting going on my own Hornworm project, and there really only seems to be one real informative source on how to do this... It is the The Manduca Project done by the University of AZ. While getting going on this I noticed that there are a few holes in the "Rearing Section". I thought it...
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