1. ReptiGeek

    Free Range/ Outdoor Playground

    Absolutely obsessed with making things right now since I can finally work outside now that the weather has begun to warm up. I went for a walk down to the beach the other day and picked up a bunch of drift wood. I got quite a few stares walking away with pieces of wood that were nearly the same...
  2. ReptileLove18

    Homemade Misting Systems?

    has anyone ever made their own misting system? if so please share plans/how you did it/materials :) Thanks guys!!
  3. Echoezra

    Best mesh type/size for homemade enclosures

    So if I do decide to get crafty, lol, what's the best kind of mesh/screening to use, in homemade enclosures? What's going to be best for visibility, toe size, non-bug escaping, non-rusting, etc...? Thanks. I'm not very crafty, so I have no clue, so please be specific. :)
  4. Echoezra

    I saw this and thought "chameleon" - but how?

    Okay so we're shopping last night and I saw this mini greenhouse, and I thought that could work so good, for either a homemade cage, or outside, or free range plant shelving, or something... What do you think? It's only $35 bucks. It's about 5 ft tall, I was thinking for a homemade cage...
  5. Homemade


    This is my homemade setup for my little brothers panther cham purchased from azgnoinc on this forum.
  6. outdoor setup

    outdoor setup

    homemade outdoor cage for sunning
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