1. K

    The result of my baby's Holiday Shoot

    Ezmerelda decided she wanted to climb the tree when she was out last night, and this is the result n-n Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!
  2. LLLReptile

    12 Days of LLL Sales! In stores ONLY

    Are you in Southern California? Check out which of our 4 retail stores is closest to you by checking their addresses here... then follow your local store to get updates on the sales each day leading up to Christmas eve! Oceanside - our largest retail store Escondido - located on Grand...
  3. ReptiGeek

    Happy Holidays with Naboo

    Decided it was time for some holiday cheer in my household. So out came Naboo for a little photo shoot in front of the fireplace. I'm going to enter one of these photos in to the December Photo Contest and I would like your guys' help for which one I should use. Thanks for looking :D 1...
  4. heyshelbyrae

    Gift Ideas ?

    SO, this is totally non-chameleon related. I'm in need of some new ideas for gifts this year. I've already gotten everyone on my list (dad, mom, brother, and boyfriend) at least on main, more expensive gift this year. But now I'm looking to getting more fun/smaller/filler items. All and any...
  5. Am I Dead? Cause This Must Be Heaven. ;)

    Am I Dead? Cause This Must Be Heaven. ;)

  6. Happy Holidays From Gizmo!

    Happy Holidays From Gizmo!

    Gizmo my veiled chameleon wanted to get in on the christmas cheer!
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