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SO, this is totally non-chameleon related.

I'm in need of some new ideas for gifts this year. I've already gotten everyone on my list (dad, mom, brother, and boyfriend) at least on main, more expensive gift this year. But now I'm looking to getting more fun/smaller/filler items. All and any ideas would totally help out!

Mini descriptions of my family:

Mom loves: horses, art, books, cooking, and wine. Main gift: Kindle

Dad loves: SPORTS, coffee, 70s music, and grilling/bbqing. Main gift: Keurig

Brother loves: video games, maryjane....:\, girls, and junk food. Main gift:Toaster (I know, strange, but he'll LOVE it) & a video game

Boyfriend loves: cars-mustangs, the shooting range, German things/food, and me. Main gift: Bleeding zombie target and james bond vol 2 dvd collection.

So, any ideas?


Being in Europe, I was only able to order from this store once, but what I did get from there was awesome!

I can recommend the ingenuitea for anyone who loves tea, and there's plenty of extra-large gummi things for that sweet tooth your brother has. The beer boot is a German item, and can be used for more than just beer for your boyfriend :)

You should have a look, and since you're in the USA, it should be cheaper on shipping too :D (Although it is a bit close to Christmas, I don't know how quickly everything will be shipped... But looking around might give you some ideas as well!)


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Ferrah- that site has some really hilarious gift ideas.. I may hav to get a few things there.. I think my boyfriend would a kick out of having his own German boot mug (pun intended), and I might get these toaster bags they have on there for my brother-For toasting a sandwich in a toaster. We'll see. :)

BabyJoe- I've never seen that car site and frequently look up stuff for car guys! I really love 2 of those mustang neon light wall clocks. That may have to be his main gift for next year..

Thanks so much to both of you! :)


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I forgot to mention too.if the boyfriend is into cars you could try locate a dvd called too fast to mustangs I'm afraid but any car lover would love it.try lookin at group b rallying on YouTube if you want to test the water
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