1. Neonatal T. Hoehnelii

    Neonatal T. Hoehnelii

    9 day old Helmeted baby, freshly misted on a ficus.
  2. 20200924_220148.jpg


    Male Trioceros hoehnelii
  3. 20200924_220317.jpg


    Female Trioceros hoehnelii
  4. ChamAllen

    Ho Ho Hoehnelii

    Does anyone know how to sex a Hoehnelii cham? Little Howard Hoehnelii might be little Helen Hoehnelii for all I know. See picture attached.
  5. Mr. Hoehnel

    Mr. Hoehnel

    This is my Hoehnelii chameleon. Trioceros Hoehnelii. He is a little under a year. Very tame and loves to be handled. Very beautiful coloration.
  6. My Male Hoe

    My Male Hoe

  7. Sunning And Grumpy

    Sunning And Grumpy

    Chloe my beautiful female hoehnelii
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