1. heartben

    Darwins color so far (short video)

    yesterday i had darwin outside and he was throwing off some cool face colors. all i have is a flip cam so theres nothing i can do about the focus but you can more or less see it. he had some crazy like.. neon pink/yellow and some purple and sometimes he had lines over that. he is a circle...
  2. The Tail Of Darwin

    The Tail Of Darwin

    This is Darwins tail (Ambilobe). I thought the shape he had it in was really interesting.
  3. Hey Kid, I'm A Komputer.

    Hey Kid, I'm A Komputer.

    Stop all the downloadin! This is komputer, my 9 month ambilobe panther chameleon. Originally from kammerflauge but I got him from a member here. Handsome fella!
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