1. 1st gasp of life

    1st gasp of life

    Female veiled chameleon seconds after breaching the egg.
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Silkworm Egg

    Hi guys, here is a pic of some of the eggs I got some coastal silkworms. Not sure if you can see but there are many different colors such as light and dark purples. I have had them out towards the top of my cham enclosure around 78-80 degrees or so as they are close to the lights. What do you...
  3. F

    How long until Flap Neck eggs hatch?

    Hi All, So my search on all threads turned up empty, and everywhere I do research I get different time frames. How long do Flap Neck Chameleon eggs take before they hatch? (I have seen time frames ranging from 5 months to longer than a year) I just need to know when i need to start...
  4. chamcrazy

    veiled egg incubation time frame?

    Hello. I have a gravid female that was bred with my beautiful male on July 6th. (First time.) They are both very healthy and active. I have searching the internet and books for a good solid answer to one question, but I keep getting a major conflict in the answers. I found this forum and now...
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