1. ChameLIonLover

    Papaya smells!!!

    I was wanting to add a healthy gutload item to the bugs I feed to my guy, so I picked up a large mexican papaya the other day (10 dollars, wow!). Let me tell you, it smells like vomit. I'm not talking about the vomit-flavored jelly means. I'm talking about vomit, like if you threw it up, ate...
  2. junglefries

    What's for dinner?

    Let's discuss a few things. I just wanted to make an opinion thread after reading: the how many crickets per month poll. It was interesting & fun, however, it wasn't able to gives us the details some of us might be curious about. This might give someone(s) that 'I never thought of that' or 'I...
  3. sandrachameleon

    Green Leafy Goodness

    Some info on a few of the common green leafy gutload items that many of you already know about, but which I hope some of you will nevertheless find useful…. Arugula (aka Rocket) A good source of Protein...
  4. sandrachameleon

    Spaghetti Squash

    winter squash is now in season where I live, so i thought I would share some nutritional information on Spaghetti Squash to promote its use as a gutload.... 1 cup (about 100 grams) of raw spaghetti squash (edible "meat" portion, not rind and seeds) contains: Water 92.5 g Energy 31 kcal 131...
  5. sandrachameleon


    Ive just discovered I like Leeks, and so have decided to grow them. They appear to have a good calcium to phos ratio (Calcium: 59mg Phosphorus: 35mg roughly per leek) and might therefore make a decent item to add to my list of gutload options. Ive offered a bit to my various bugs, and most will...
  6. K

    Why Gutload when there's a Shortcut?

    I never thought of joining a forum before, so whether you welcome me or not, I'm probably going to be annoying the hell out of you guys in here because of how much I love my little Pennie, and I'm really gonna need your help as it's my first time ever to own a chameleon. So first, I'm...
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