1. Furcifer Brussis

    RB Ambilobe w/Gout, Need Insights

    I have a male Red Bar Ambilobe who got gout. I have read a lot on the disease in chams and have determined the cause to be a combination of raising my crickets on dog food (mainly) and night time temps being too low (he's kept outside in Naples and got down to 40F one night he was out and i had...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    Oscar's Gout

    My sweet Oscar is 5 years old and suffering from gout. When he was younger he went through a long period (over a year) of not wanting to drink by any conventional methods. For a while he would only drink in the shower, then only outside from the sprinkler, then only if water dripped on one leaf...
  3. J

    is this gout?

    I have been given a veiled cham today who has a swollen right eye, veil and limbs. He also has lumbs behind his eyes. He was drinking from a waterfall instead of being misted (which he did a lot so I dont think he was dehidrated) and he was being fed on morio worms which were gutloaded on...
  4. Dave Weldon

    (Warning) Necropsy Photos - Gout (Pseudogout)

    Howdy All, I posted the videos of the parasites in the WC (~1 yr in captivity?) Oorana Mena Panther Chameleon earlier. While the parasite load appeared to be (scary) high in both his blood and his fecal sample, they probably didn't cause his quick demise. A more likely culprit was what...
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