1. imhotep

    3 day old neonates dying ???

    Need advice ... im using reptisun 5.0 for 12 on 12 off. for 4 hours a day i put an additional 100w power sun about 14in away. I hand mist 4-6 times a day (depending on temps/humidity). Basking temps are never higher then 87-89. bottom of cage...
  2. F

    Quick check up & hes sneezing?

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Sambava, Male, 3 1/2 months, had him with us for 5 weeks Handling - once everyday 5 - 15 mins. Feeding - Small/Medium Silent Crickets, atm he hes about 20 a day, feed 1 hour after lights on from feeding cup, then huts around for extra. gut loading carrots...
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