1. Time For A Change?

    Time For A Change?

    Female Panther, shedding
  2. Rainbow Is Which Species?

    Rainbow Is Which Species?

    We kept Veiled Chams for the past few years. Now added a Furcifer. As the shop keepers only spoke Chinese, I don't know his species. Seems a cross of ambanja and ambilobe. I suspect him to be about 4-8 months. Any idea?
  3. 0,1 Furcifer Minor Subadult

    0,1 Furcifer Minor Subadult

  4. 1.0 Furcifer Minor

    1.0 Furcifer Minor

  5. 1.0 Furcifer Minor

    1.0 Furcifer Minor

  6. 0.1 Furcifer Minor

    0.1 Furcifer Minor

  7. Under The Bulb

    Under The Bulb

  8. Just Me :)

    Just Me :)

  9. Slurpy Time!

    Slurpy Time!

    Leo drinking on his Ficus bennendijkii
  10. Guntherawesomesmall


    Gunther's lookin' at you!
  11. Furcifer Pardalis Sambava

    Furcifer Pardalis Sambava

    He's a picture that my girlfiend took when Delko was apprixatively 4 to 5 months old.
  12. Not Today, Go Away!

    Not Today, Go Away!

    furcifer lateralis female threatening male while being gravid
  13. King Kulivoko I.

    King Kulivoko I.

  14. Furcifer Minor, Female

    Furcifer Minor, Female

    Furcifer minor, female very angry
  15. Rex


    Oustalet's chameleon
  16. Jango Getting Some Sun

    Jango Getting Some Sun

    My carpet Jango loving his outside time.
  17. Furcifer Balteatus

    Furcifer Balteatus

  18. Solarius II - Male Ambanja

    Solarius II - Male Ambanja

    Six month old male Ambanja named after his sire, Solarius.
  19. Smile!


    Blue Bar Ambilobe Male happily looking for a bite to eat
  20. Emmet


    NosyBe Panther Chameleon
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