1. junglefries

    favorite heat lamps

    I am thinking of switching my basking light fixtures [25w small oven/fridge incandescent bulbs with mini clamp lamps] to the 25w mini halogen fixtures. So far, I have only seen the Zilla fixtures for sale. Was wondering, if there were some other brands, pet supply or other, that anyone was aware...
  2. summoner12

    DIY T12 to T8 Ballast Change.

    For those of you with T12 fixtures and are finding it hard to locate T12 Zoo Med or Exo Terra UVB lamps..... This post is for you. The economics of buying a new T8 fixture from Lowe's for $13 vs. buying a T8 Ballast at Home Depot for about $20 is kind of simple. Why take the time to convert a...
  3. summoner12

    48" Tube Fixtures, Cheap!

    I was at Home Depot tonight. I was going to buy my normal 19 dollar dual 48" fixture.... I wandered down to the 'shop light' display to tell my GF about a shoplight Dave Weldon had told me about. The fixture he and I had talked about was the diamond plated shop light. He had told me the output...
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