1. rajon1080

    Need UBV advice - Any input appreciated as always!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to upgrade to a t5 uvb bulb as I've read/ been advised multiple times on the poor quality of dome fixture/ CFL bulb I'm currently using. I just need some help choosing a fixture to house the bulb I'm going to go with. Does the quality of the actual fixture vary...
  2. summoner12

    DIYCages Ballast change

    I recently purchased a dual 24" T8 light fixture from The fixture is great. You can turn off either side lamp with two selector switches or you can turn both lamps off at once with a switch on the power cord. This fixture is a standard fixture, meaning, it won't dim the lamps. I am...
  3. summoner12

    48" Tube Fixtures, Cheap!

    I was at Home Depot tonight. I was going to buy my normal 19 dollar dual 48" fixture.... I wandered down to the 'shop light' display to tell my GF about a shoplight Dave Weldon had told me about. The fixture he and I had talked about was the diamond plated shop light. He had told me the output...
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