female jackson

  1. Adult Female Jacksons

    Adult Female Jacksons

  2. Female Jackson's

    Female Jackson's

  3. D

    Female Jackson refusing to mate

    I have been trying for over 2 months now to breed her, I put her into the males enclosure every 4-5 days sometimes a bit longer depending on how much she eats. She will turn dark colors, sway, and sometimes run from the male if he approaches her. The male is wanting to mate, he will do a mating...
  4. dccr1234

    female jacksons iner mouth problem

    this is my first thread here on chameleon fourums and this place helped me alot with my veiled chameleon, but now i have a problem with my female jacksons. . . here are the general specs. 60 gallon glass visio terrarium 50 watt heat zoomed bulb 10.0 uvb reptisun zoomed zoomed...
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