female jacksons iner mouth problem


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this is my first thread here on chameleon fourums and this place helped me alot with my veiled chameleon, but now i have a problem with my female jacksons. . .

here are the general specs.

60 gallon glass visio terrarium
50 watt heat zoomed bulb
10.0 uvb reptisun zoomed
zoomed forest floor substrate
flukers water dripper

ive been feeding her large crickets everyday, about 7 to 9 crickets to be exact, and regular meal worms from time to time.
i also, from time to time, dust my crickets with tri'cal

she just had babies on 9/21/08
there were eight total

seems to me that the corrners of her mouth are swollen ,
the whole tounge is purlple
it also seems like she has to much suliva and she has truble chewing and swolloowing the food

ive allready thought about mouth rot, and ive allmost ruled that out because my male jacksons had it and you can see the crap drowing on the out side of the mouth

here are some photos i collected

please help in any way!!!!



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There's a gland in the corner of the mouth on Jackson's called a temporal gland. It often becomes infected. I would recommend that you take your chameleon to the vet so it can be cleaned out, a culture and sensitivity test done and the chameleon put on antibiotics.


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Your viv might be too Hot. I see that coloration in chams that are over heated. What are the temps in the tank like.

To check this you will need to put the thermometer in the tank and cover it back up again then wait about 5 to 10 min for the viv to settle to its undisturbed temp.



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haha yes, i work at a pet store and the reason i don't have a thermometer is because we use a temp gun, underneath the heat its 81.5 and on the other side is 73,

shes been in the glass enclosure for like 6 months now with everything the same... and then she had babies, and then shes got this funky stuff



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I'm not sure what is wrong exactly, but you really need to change your husbandry. A glass enclosure sure will not help anything that is going on with her and will eventually lead to a respiratory infection. ditch the substrate, give her a tall mesh enclosure with some live plants and use a repti sun 5.0 bulb for UVB.

Be a good example for your customers so they don't kill their pets with ignorance of proper care. :)


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she could poossibly already have a resp infection.
*it also seems like she has to much suliva and she has truble chewing and swolloowing the food*

that makes me think that.

you may want a vet trip as well *MOre then likely*


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Oh, also, mealworms don't make a good feeder. Try gutloaded superworms instead.

I don't know what tri-cal is, but she should be getting a bit of regular no d3 calcium at almost every feeding, especially if she had babies. She should get a good rounded reptile vitamin like Herptivite (by rep cal) every other week or so. You can also give her calcium WITH d3 twice a month and a tiny, tiny dot of preformed vitamin a (out of a capsule for people) once a month.

Better nutrition will help her. :)

Make sure your UVB bulb isn't going through glass or plastic- screen is okay, but glass and plastic will just block the rays you are wanting to provide. The bulb should be the linear tube variety and should be changed every six months. Avoid the compact coil type bulbs as they emit high levels of UVCs that will destroy her eyes and burn her to death with UV rays (not pleasant- like sunburning to death)
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