1. Chameleon fail!

    Chameleon fail!

    Apparently Roux forgot how to chameleon this morning. Put him in his tree by the vegetable garden, taking a few pics when the branch he was on snapped. Very surprised that that one tiny wrap of his tail was enough to arrest his fall. He quickly went right back to snapping up dragon flies after.
  2. pablothepanther

    Chameleon is Disoriented??!

    CHAMELEON INFO: Bill Murray (Chameleon) - Abanja/Ambilobe Panther Chameleon/Male/2.5 years old - has been in my care for 2 years Handling - I don't handle him very often, only if I need to clean the cage or check him out for stuff. He does like to come out of the cage when I open it though...
  3. G

    My Chameleon Fell

    So my chameleon fell two days ago and took about a 30inch fall right onto the hardwood. It sounded like he hit really hard and now he has been acting all funny since and I'm not exactly sure what to do. He is a full grown male veiled. He hasnt been moving around in his cage very much and just...
  4. B

    Chameleon emergency

    Hello, I went to go check on Tava, my ~15 month old female veiled chameleon tonight, since she was showing signs of being gravid and has been in and out of the egg bin. Well, I checked on her, and found some VERY alarming things. I suspect she may have fallen. Possible, she fell, tried to...
  5. ferretinmyshoes

    A Frolic in the Fall Foliage (pic heavy)

    It's fall here and the leaves are changing, which is so pretty! Figured it was time for a photoshoot now that the leaves match my chams. Enjoy! ;) Oscar's normal colors...before he saw his girlfriend. The dark face bars come out when he sees Loretta. Loretta playing in the leaves...
  6. I Want To Be A Leaf Too!

    I Want To Be A Leaf Too!

    Chameleon tries to be a leaf when the other leaves give up and quit their job.
  7. A Fine Fall Day

    A Fine Fall Day

    Panther Chameleon Early Fall, 2013
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