eye shut

  1. amalthea23

    A Curious Eye Issue

    Ok, so, I've now had my cham at the vet for this issue twice. Two separate vets, He's been on 3 different medications. Here's his living parameters: Basking temp: 97-102 12 hours on, 12 off. UVB 10.0 tube bulb (not coil) mistking every other waking hour between 1-3 minutes. In between in summer...
  2. d3s5

    Vet Visit: Eye Problem

    Yes, yet ANOTHER chameleon with an eye issue! I took Phineas in today because he was holding his left eye shut on and off and looking at his food from an odd angle. I did extra mistings but it wasn't helping. I took him in today and the vet gave me Triple-B Opthalmic Ointment to apply in his...
  3. L

    Panther with eye problem, please help!

    Hey guys, I have a red bar panther just over a year old and for a couple months now he keeps his left eye closed about 50% of the time during the day. As of recent he has been keeping it shut more frequently and has become quite a bit less active. Even just a month ago he was very active, always...
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