1. O

    Help! NOSY BE adoption NYC area! Incentive!

    Hi folks... as much as it sucks to write this I'm wondering if anyone in the New York City area -- perhaps folks going to the Long Island expo this coming weekend -- are interested in adopting a 3.5 yr old male Nosy Be in solid health. I unfortunately had to take a sudden job switch to Chicago...
  2. C

    Manchester NH rep expo, who's been? random Q about vendors

    With only 7 exciting days left till the rep expo in Manchester NH, it leaves me thinking a very important question that may sound silly!! To those who have been, do most vendors accept credit cards? I'm guessing they must judging how much some of these fancy herps cost (who's carrying around 2g...
  3. summoner12

    AquaZamp @ Sacramento Reptile Show

    Hello everyone! Come say hi in person to AquaZamp and check out the RainDome in action. We will be at the Upscale Reptile Expo in Sacramento California this weekend 9/28 & 9/29. Here is a link to the shows website for details: http://www.upscalereptiles.com/ My tip, get there EARLY...
  4. Jay Sick

    September 29 New Jersey Reptile and Pet Super Expo

    That's right super expo is the word 35,000 square feet of reptile and pet madness. Do not miss out on this amazing event. The Vendor list has doubled and the show has become a whole new animal. If interested in Vending future shows [email protected]
  5. ReptiGeek

    Seattle Reptile Expo, anyone?

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone will be attending the Seattle Reptile Expo this coming Saturday (May 11, 2013)? Chelsey (ReptiGurl) and I will both be going! It'll be our first 'real' reptile expo so we are both quite excited. There is a small Reptile 'expo' (more like a bunch of tables with...
  6. Screameleons

    Screameleons @ Long Island Reptile Expo Oct 23

    Hey guys, Screameleons will be vending at the Long Island Reptile Expo on Oct 23, 2011. As always, feel free to pre-order your baby and pick-up at the expo. We'll have several adults on display so please come by and check us out. For more info, visit...
  7. snipeusa14

    Is Daytona Worth it?

    hi,i was wondering if Daytona was worth going to for chameleon lovers,is there lots of tables for chameleon or not much please reply thanks!
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