1. LLLReptile

    We ship Manzanita branches to your door!

    Can't find the wood you need locally? Have it delivered! Manzanita in small to HUGE sizes! small 6 - 16" $9.99 medium 16 - 24" $15.99 large 24 - 40" $24.99 extra large 40 - 60" $36.99 ** Note - large and extra large require additional shipping, we will contact you with final shipping...
  2. cswan19

    Treating driftwood?

    So I found a really cool piece of driftwood on the beach and I took it home. Is it safe to put in my Cham cage? How can I treat it? I don't want to put it in my oven cause its really really dry and I'm afraid of a fire plus I heard it makes your house smell terrible! Could I put some kind if...
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