diy cages

  1. DeremensisBlue

    Universal Drainage Trays

    At Dragon Strand we are now launching our line of Universal Heavy-duty Drainage Trays. These are drainage trays that have extra support along the bottom to give the floor of your cage strength to hold larger potted plants or other interior decoration. The line consists of two trays, a...
  2. diycages

    Diy Cages New Display Cages

    Hello Again ... We are very excited about our Brand New Knock Down Display cages. They come flat packed like the screen cages and are even easier to assemble. It is hard to get the quality across in pictures ... but they are VERY cool. High shine black frame with 3 sides of full...
  3. diycages

    DIY CAGES New F3 Models are Finally Ready!

    Hello Fellow Lizard Lovers! We've finally finished our new batch of F3 cages and they are BY FAR ... the best cages we have ever made. The frame is now polished aluminum and looks furniture grade ... The spline is gone forever ... we've got a new system that is a banding system ... never...
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