DIY CAGES New F3 Models are Finally Ready!


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Hello Fellow Lizard Lovers!

We've finally finished our new batch of F3 cages and they are BY FAR ... the best cages we have ever made. The frame is now polished aluminum and looks furniture grade ... The spline is gone forever ... we've got a new system that is a banding system ... never have spline fall out again and screen is SUPER TIGHT. EVERY PIECE OF HARDWARE DOWN TO THE SCREW IS ALUMINUM. We also FINALLY CRACKED and gave in ... so now there is a bottom front access door. We used really good latches ... so they won't break on you over time. Prices have gone up a bit ... but that is just because all costs are WAY up. You will not be disappointed ... these units are AWESOME! All sizes are in stock ... sc1,sc3,sc4s,sc4 are all F3. Sc2 models are still F2 stock. Here are some quick pics:

Thank you VERY much for the continued business and loyalty to our brand ... we really really appreciate it.

We'll be at the Narbac show in Anaheim on 9/15 ... come by and say hi.

Best Regards,
Alec Feldman
Diy Cages


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Better UV penetration with unpainted mesh.

Just ordered my 2x2x4 :D

I am going to replace all my lame ReptiSleeze cages with these guys (one at a time, as budget allows)

Thank you Alec :) U da' man :cool:


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Is there a website to have a look at the prices this cages just from the pictures look 110% better the the retibreezes ones would like to find out more thou :)


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Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the kind words everyone! It means so much that people love the cages. We have had our share of ups and downs and the product line is always a work in progress, with your suggestions a top priority. We'll keep working on improving the product line as it evolves. We use these cages ourselves and really test the entire life cycle of the units as they age, indoors and outdoors. Thank you again for your continued support everyone!
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