1. Justin18

    Average cost to make a screen cage?

    I'm looking to make my own 4x2x2 screen cage like the ones from LLL reptile, reptibreez, etc. I'm sure there are quite a few variables that could effect the cost but... What's the average cost when making your own cage? P.S. I searched the forum before I posted this and couldn't find my answer...
  2. Seeco

    What Does a Kinyongia Cost in Your Country?

    What does a Kinyongia cost in your country or town or wherever? If you know the going rate in your country or even see one in your US or CA petshop, let us know -- species, WC or CB, sex and cost. I think the average WC K. multituberculata here is $65 male or female, and CB is $100
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