1. C

    Veiled Constipated, what else can I do? worried

    Current Problem - I am almost positive he is constipated. Bloated, grouchy, not moving around as much, not basking and has not pooped in 3 days ( ive checked). Is still willing to eat but don't want to over feed if he can't pass. (or should I continue feeding?) Already tried: warm tub soak...
  2. Suzapalooza

    UPDATE on Neil

    My last post: After three weeks of meds and no BM in over a month, we decided surgery was our only recourse. Neil went in around 12PM today. We're hoping they find the blockage and our guy gets back to his feisty...
  3. kelsxox

    Change in mood, appitite? not eating!

    around 8 month old, female vielded Okay so lately alexa hasn't been herself at all lately, and weird things keeps happening with her either she gets constipated and dosn't poop everyday like she normally does, or she dosn't seem interrested in her crickets at all , before she used to go after...
  4. kelsxox

    Extra Calcium/Pooping?/Feeding. HELP

    Umm soo my chameleon has MBD, i'm treating her right now with T-Rex Bone Aid Emmergency Calcium.. plus dusting her crickets with a little bit of calcium without d3 everyday.. Could this cause constipation like it does for humans? It took her two days too poop.. Just before i wrote this i saw her...
  5. Echoezra

    New guy's poop (finally) - bloody urate??

    Okay, so I finally decided to disturb my new guy Zaphod again and did a little cage tidying and plant moving last night. I was getting worried about not having seen any poop from him yet (it's been a week since I got him) but I just assumed there was some poop but it was just hidden in the...
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