1. C

    Update on Chamy the constipated cham, not good

    It's been a looong process and a lot of dedication but we don't think he is going to make it. It's been almost 2 weeks now (2yr old male Veiled chameleon, got extremely constipated when a cold snap came through) He's been to the exotic vet twice, X-rayed, and there is nothing more we can do...
  2. C

    Veiled Constipated, what else can I do? worried

    Current Problem - I am almost positive he is constipated. Bloated, grouchy, not moving around as much, not basking and has not pooped in 3 days ( ive checked). Is still willing to eat but don't want to over feed if he can't pass. (or should I continue feeding?) Already tried: warm tub soak...
  3. imhotep

    No Poops! Now What?

    Once you've established that your chameleon is constipated from night feeding, poor gut-loading, incorrect feeders, etc.... What can be done to help ones chameleon to get through this tough time?
  4. jadeladine

    Question about poop...lovely

    Ok im hoping you guys can give me some good news. My 13 month female veiled named Ali had a prolapse last weekend. I took her to the vet the same day and she had stitches to keep it in. Vet gave her 2 shots of antibiotics and took the stiches out Thursday just gone. Ali has not had a poo...
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