1. J

    A few questions on raising baby panthers.

    Just wondering what you guys opinions are on a few things I am not sure about. What are your thoughts on using misting systems with baby panthers? Would using cold water be a issue for them? (Rain is cold but people say to use warm water ) How many babies do you keep in groups and what...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    The big move! Long trip for the chams...

    We're in the final countdown for the big move to Denver from central Texas that starts this Saturday! It's about an 18 hour drive and we're going to split it into two days driving. But first we'll be going to San Antonio (3 hour drive) and spending a day there so I can be at my lil brother's...
  3. chameleonneeds

    Introducing my cham`s and others.

    I finaly got to upload my pics. This is 1 of my females squidge. This is Roxy the female I thought was supose to lay eggs about a month ago. See, it looks like eggs on by her back leg. And this pic was taken about 2 months ago. This is Duke my male. This is my cat and dog...
  4. Melissa Meller In Orange African Background

    Melissa Meller In Orange African Background

  5. Voodoo


  6. Cami-girl-chams


    My little male, Del Sol, developing his colors.
  7. Neo


    Nosy Be male eyeing the camera.
  8. Nursery


    15 of 15
  9. Summer Cham set up

    Summer Cham set up

    3 cham set up at morning sun window
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