The big move! Long trip for the chams...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ferretinmyshoes, May 30, 2012.

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    We're in the final countdown for the big move to Denver from central Texas that starts this Saturday! It's about an 18 hour drive and we're going to split it into two days driving. But first we'll be going to San Antonio (3 hour drive) and spending a day there so I can be at my lil brother's high school graduation. So that's a lot of driving and new environments for all the chams. My husband will be driving the moving truck and I'll have all the animals in my little Rav4. So I'll take out the back seats and set up the big dog crate for the 2 cats, one of which is not going to handle this well. I've never taken the cats on more than a 3 minute drive and they haven't experienced moving yet... Then the dogs will have the rest of the back of the car and the floorboard of the front seat will have my turtles and the front seat will be all the chams. For the drive they'll be in individual small cardboard boxes with a perch and completely dark. I know Buster and George will be fine but Oscar hates being transported like that. He prefers to be out and watch the world go by. But that's too long of a drive for that. Then when we get to SA I have collapsable cages for the big guys since their cages will be on the truck. I think they're going to work really well but I haven't quite figured out what to do with the pygmies yet while we're stopped over...Then it's a whole day and half of solid driving after that. It's going to be very stressful for them all.

    But assuming we all get there in one piece I am planning on breeding Oscar my panther and Buster my jackson within the next year! I've never bred anything but pygs and I'm ready to take the plunge! So I'm on the lookout for some lovely ladies for them if anyone knows of any. Oscar is an ambilobe so I'd like to find him a ambilobe lady already in breeding age (he's not gettin any younger). Ideally I'd love to find one with a sociable personality since he's so darn friendly towards everyone! Does anyone know if that's a heritable trait in these guys?

    Anyway, I'll post some pics as we embark on the big move so people can see some options for transport and temporary caging. Wish us luck, it's going to be stressful for everyone...
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    Best of luck and many prayers for you! What an exciting/scary time, I am sure that everyone will do fine! Congratulations on becoming a veterinarian, what an excellent career to choose! To be of service to animals for a lifetime... How awesome! Have a safe trip, take many pictures, and enjoy the adventure! :)
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    I wish for safe travels for you and family. Good luck with the move!
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    Wow!!!! Another endeavor you have taken on!!!!!!! Im sure it will all work out fine, it will definitely be a challenge!!!! Good luck be with you all!!!!!!!!
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    Good luck! I shipped our reptiles from the UK, but they were in boarding for a few days before our departure to a few days after, so we didn't have to clear out the house around them. Then I went to the airport to collect their wooden crates, brought them home and realised we had no damned screwdrivers! So my babies were trapped in there, and it was Thansgiving, so it was a challenge to find a shop that was open and sold screwdrivers! Good old Costco came to our rescue though.

    And the reptiles were all fine, having been spoiled rotten by the animal transport company, they were grumpy about being put back on their regular boring diets and not having people cooing over them all day long! I was expecting that the geckos would have dropped their tails at least, and the Rankins dragon was so grey and depressed before we left, I thought they'd swapped him when I opened the box to find this bright perky beast in there who had suddenly become very keen on vegetables.
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    Oh Dayna that will be an interesting trip. I cant wait to see pictures. I'll also keep an eye out for a beautiful friendly female for Oscar and let you know if I hear of any. I had often wondered if their personalities were inherited. I guess that's one of the reasons the Luie and Camille kids are so friendly. I will be praying for a safe trip for all of you.
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  7. Olimpia

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    Have a great trip! It'll be long, and a lot of butts will become numb, but it will be so exciting moving to a different city! What are your plans in Denver?
  8. ferretinmyshoes

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    Thanks everyone!

    Trillian - sounds like you had some good arrangements for your critters! That's awesome because shipping can be so stressful. I think my dogs would actually die if I did that to them. They both have separation anxiety (bad enough they can't even be boarded). The cats have never experienced a move before so they just think I've set up the best playground ever with all the boxes!

    Jann - I was actually thinking of Luie and Camille when I was wondering how heritable good personalities are. I'm hoping for lots of friendly Oscar babies too! Just need to find him a wifey. :)

    Olimpia - we move in on the 5th and I start work on the 7th! (Ahh!) Luckily Simon will be working from home for a while so at least the animals won't be left alone so soon after moving in.
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    Good luck! Hope everything goes smooth as silk.

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    Hope u and ur buddies have a nice trip!!!
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    I LOVE hyperbole and a half!! I actually just read that one again last night! Simon always knows when I'm reading it because I am cracking up in the other room all by myself for like an hour! Hilarious!!
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    I moved from Colorado to Florida and I still miss it after 12 years. It is a great place. Good luck and take a good look west for me.
  15. Texas Ranger

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    NOOOOO:(:(:( You can't leave Texas:( lol jk we will miss you and i am glad to of meet you before you left. I hope you have a safe trip you and your chams :)

  16. Texas Ranger

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    Aww and you have already changed your avatar from Texas :(
    If you are looking for a nice ambi girls talk to Brian reptoman before you leave Texas he has some really nice ambi girls he can help you out there :)
  17. laurie

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    Do drive careful, that is a long trip so remember to take long as you are fine all your zoo will be fine also. Let us know when you leave and when you arrive safely.
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    Congrats on the move!! I loved all 4 years I spent in Denver and wish I was still there. It really is a great place and such a great life style. As far as a sweet personable female ambilobe I can think of only one choice and that's one of Suzi's females. There aw just none better or sweeter out there!
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    Sorry Lee, no more reptile shows together. :( We leave Saturday so it's official enough to change it now. But I did find someone who breeds Axolotls in Denver! Guess what my next pet will be, and soon. ;)

    Laurie - don't worry we'll be taking regular potty breaks for the dogs, and staying the night in New Mexico so we're not driving too long. :)

    Clark - are Suzi's females for sale?

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