chameleon eyes

  1. Both eyes open

    Both eyes open

  2. lizzleberry

    eye problems

    hi, had pascal for about 3 months now, recently noticed his eyes seem to prefer to be closed and am wondering if this is a big problem, or a little problem before i start - he IS going to the vets, he has been to the vets for an eye problem before and is registered with 3 different vets, i am...
  3. Lleroy

    SABAX SODIUM CHLORIDE - in Chameleon eyes?

    I have two Female panther chameleons with eye problems. I bought the one about a week ago already with one damaged(dried out) eye. I am trying to save the eyes, but need some advice. I went to the Pharmacy and asked the guy behind the counter for SALINE solution with no additives. I told him its...
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