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    looking down into enclosure
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    Iggy currently 7/13/2020
  3. J

    Panther large Viv build - transformed reptibreeze's

    Wife didn't like the look of the old Vivs and they were starting to fall apart..... So decided to build 4 new ones of which the first 2 are pretty much done. Space is a issue so I wanted to utilise as much as I could. I wanted to build something that would give good airflow but would be...
  4. J

    Nosy Faly panther chameleon eggs hatching!

    Nosy Faly panther chameleon eggs finally started hatching today. Very exited about these as there are very few quality lines in the UK of Nosy Faly. Here are a few pics of dad to give you a idea of why I'm so exited
  5. J

    Ambilobe, nosy Faly, quad's and Mt Meru Jackson

    Ambilobe panther Nosy Faly panther Quadricornis Merumontanus Jackson
  6. EpicWin

    Picky Pooper

    Hey everyone! So I have a super awesome blue bar ambilobe panther and he's really healthy, drinks lots of water (I don't see him drink, but his urates are perfect white), eats normally... The ONE quirk I have noticed with Heisenberg is, he will NOT poop in his cage. Like, EVER. And if he does...
  7. S

    Not Peeled in 3 Months???

    hes only 9months old... why is this.
  8. B

    My Male Panther Chameleon Ate my Anole

    My anole escaped 2 days ago and todaY i saw my chameleon crunching on it and befor icould stop him, he ate him. I know chams eat some big stuff, i feed mine pinkies on occasion, i was just wondering if there is anything particular i should do or watch out for after he has eaten him PS. i cant...
  9. Zajlol

    friendly chameleon (video)

    this is my 6 month old sambava panther chameleon he is super friendly!! i know people say not to hold your cham but mine loves to be held and come out of his cage i hold him almost everyday and he is NEVER stressed!! once i open his cage he comes right out!! when i open it to feed him in the...
  10. Cjd713

    Urgent Health Issues

    Hey guys :) I know I haven't been on in a bit, but... My friends cham has been acting weird, so I will let her fill this form out, since she does not has internet access. If you guys could helpher out, it would be much appreciated :) thanks Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon...
  11. M

    What gender is my Chameleon

    would somone please tell me what gender my Cham is?? go to and go to my pictures..tyvm send me a message if you know ty
  12. Rango 2014

    Rango 2014

    Rango chilling
  13. Straight On!

    Straight On!

  14. Rexy's Cage

    Rexy's Cage

  15. T-rex


    He is big
  16. T-rex's New Cage

    T-rex's New Cage

  17. Which Type Of Chameleons Do I Have

    Which Type Of Chameleons Do I Have

    see my post for more info
  18. Which Type Of Cham Is This

    Which Type Of Cham Is This

    see my post
  19. Female Veiled Chameleon Sleeping

    Female Veiled Chameleon Sleeping

    taken Feb. 1
  20. A Dingo's Tail

    A Dingo's Tail

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