carpet chameleon

  1. Carpet Hysterics

    Carpet Hysterics

    Young male Furcifer Lateralis displaying his displeasure in receiving a hornworm for lunch.
  2. Sabine


    Just hanging out
  3. Long tail

    Long tail

  4. Getting big!

    Getting big!

  5. Morning exploration

    Morning exploration

  6. Grumpy shed

    Grumpy shed

    Sabine basking and shedding.
  7. Getting some adolescent coloring

    Getting some adolescent coloring

  8. Vibrant Sabine

    Vibrant Sabine

  9. Stink eye

    Stink eye

  10. Among the plants

    Among the plants

  11. Side eye

    Side eye

  12. Basking upside down

    Basking upside down

  13. Shedding


  14. Sliding through the greenery

    Sliding through the greenery

  15. Big stretch

    Big stretch

  16. Back leg flail

    Back leg flail

  17. Sabine hiding behind the bloom

    Sabine hiding behind the bloom

  18. Slinking Sabine

    Slinking Sabine

  19. Focused in the fern

    Focused in the fern

  20. Hide and seek

    Hide and seek

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